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Station/Boat Location~

Date there~

Summer - mid 70's the last couple of summers have been nice but the "old-timers" say it usually rains more...
Fall - 50-60 more rain but lots of fall foliage changing colors.
Spring - can be wet with all the snow melting but aahhh... when the sun starts coming up and the days get longer - who cares!

Military facilities~
Elmendorf AFB andFort Richardson
These bases connect and have a "joint military mall" with a good commissary, exchange, uniform shop and food court.
There are also gyms and pools on both bases.
The AFB has a "community center" with indoor play equipment for kids and cardio/weight equipment for adults nearby so mom or dad can work out and kiddos can play... a great set-up in the winter.
There is also a rock wall, mini-golf, game room and they offer dance/karate classes throughout the year.

Base medical. With all the deployments overseas our medical staff are stretched pretty thin. No personal experience but it's hard to get an appointment and if you have serious issues, the care isn't always consistent. If I had serious health problems I would switch to tricare standard and go to a civilian doc and pay the copays. (just my opinion)

The CG does not provide housing that I know about. Some may have luck getting on the bases, their housing is going to a contractor and they're building new homes... it's worth a shot to call and ask if they have space for you but you'll probably end up on the economy.
The housing market is booming up here which means higher rent & home costs. We found a nice place that was covered by BAH, but others have had a harder time.

Shopping: Anchorage has most everything except what I really want (TARGET)
Several malls around town provide most of what you would need or want.
Anchorage is where most Alaskans come to shop!

Adult Schools~
University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) has a main campus in town. They also offer evening classes in Eagle River.
Alaska Pacific University (I'm pretty sure that's the name)

Fun Activities~
Fun Activities: Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Skiing, Snowmobiling, ATV, Flying, Kyaking, Ice-Skating (indoor & outdoor), Biking, you can even get into sled-dog racing - if it's an outdoor activity, it's readily accessible here!
There are also more artistic activities available: Concerts (both instrumental and popular bands, Native Heritage Center, Museums, Plays, Ballet, etc... The Air Force has a brass ensemble that offers concerts thru the year - they're amazing!
You can go to an Ice Hockey Game
There are a few dayspas if you prefer to indulge.
And there's always a community event to participate in or just attend for fun.
Lots of movie theaters and restaurants.
If you like to go for drives - there are breathtakingly beautiful places you can drive to. Denali National Park, Kenai Peninsula, the Interior. But just a 10 minute drive will take you up to some amazing lookout in your own backyard and you'll probably even spot a moose! This place is truly amazing!
The bases have chalets you can reserve to get a big group of friends together for a picnic/bbq/etc...
For the kids: zoo, water park, ice skating, imaginarium (kids museum), reindeer farm, sports, there's even a junior nordic ski club.

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