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Station/Boat Location~

Date there~
2003 - 2005

Be prepared for anything. It rains a lot and blows when it does so extra-tuffs or some other rubber boots are a must. Winters are pretty mild but it can get cold and it does snow in October.

Military facilities~
The nearest commissary and exchange is in Anchorage.

Tri-care Prime Remote. The hospital in town takes Tri-care as full payment for services and the drug store in town just started taking Tri-care for spouses. Labor and Delivery, dentist work and all other major work is taken care of in Anchorage for dependents.

There is CG housing in 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. There is also a community center on site that has a gym, big screen, kitchen and it can be used for functions. There is a community hot tub and wood working shop. If housing is availible you will be required to live in it. The housing is much better than most of what you could rent on what the BAH is.

There are now 2 grocery stores! You can get anything required to live in town. I do recommend buying rubbermaid totes and filling them with stuff when you go to Anchorage and checking them as checked baggage on the way back. Anything else you may need you can order online.

Adult Schools~
There is an off shoot of Prince William Sound community college in town, or the option of taking online classes as I did.

Fun Activities~
All the hiking, fishing, hunting or outdoor activities one could ever want. Also in Feb there is the Iceworm Festival, which is a lot of fun, there are activities all week. The community has many activities throughout the year, a lot of them are geared towards kids. There is also a Gym owned by the city that does intermural sports and a pool.

Additional Info~
Cordova is a little tough in the beginning but once you are there you will find the people are always friendly and willing to help. It was so far my favorite place we have been and I miss it a lot. There isnt much crime and people always seem to be helping each other out.

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