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Station/Boat Location~
USCGC Sherman (378')

Date there~

January - 45-57 F, March - 49-63°F, May - 53-69°F, July - 57-73°F, September - 58-75°F, November - 49-64°F

Hottest times begin generally in late June and continue through early to mid-October. CAN actually get into the 80s and 90s but the breeze blowing through Alameda keeps it pretty cool. Evenings year-round can get chilly. Rainy season mid- to late November continuing through early April. Average 3-4.5" per month. Humidity typically in the 70% all year. Living further inland (Walnut Creek, Antioch, Concord) can get easily into the 100s+ in the summer with NO breeze!

Military facilities~
Alameda ISC - Small exchange, pool, CG Rowing Team, RV storage lot, Chaplain, Spousal Employment Assistance Program (SEAP,) tennis courts, raquetball courts, gym (free weights, sauna, full locker rooms, basketball court, treadmills, ellipticals, aerobics & yoga classes - all FREE!) auto hobby shop, MWR has discount tickets for local sports, ski lifts, amusement parks & zoos, also CG-owned condos available for rent in Lake Tahoe through MWR.
Travis AFB - 50-mile drive up I-80: Full exchange, commissary, bowling alley, equestrian center, roller skating rink, medical, golf, flight training, etc, etc, etc.

Medical is Tricare Prime REMOTE. Tricare Service Center located on ISC Alameda. Pharmacy benefits available at ISC Alameda with online refill service. Alameda Hospital located on the island.

Military Housing is available in Alameda (approx 12mi round-trip to ISC Alameda,) 2-, 3- or 4-bdm duplexes and some single-family detached homes in "Marina Village" Housing. "North" Housing in Alameda has been closed. All units with 1-2 car garages, patio/deck, laundry room, storage, playgrounds, grassy areas. Baseball diamond, soccer field, basketball court, walking trail, vollyball court, bbq pavillion, dog park.
Housing also available in Novato (approx 70mi round trip to ISC Alameda,)and Concord (approx 50mi round trip to ISC Alameda.)
Median House Cost SF Bay Area: $400,000-600,000
Median 2bdr Rental Cost SF Bay Area: $1500+

SouthShore Shopping center is the mall on the island. Has Trader Joe's, Ross, Mervyns, Avenue, Blockbuster, Footlocker, Walgreens, Petco, Big 5, GNC, Starbucks, Applebees. Also Safeway and Albertson's grocery stores. They are currently (2005) rennovating and there is talk of adding a Target store.

Very close Marina Village Shopping Center (not to be confused with Marina Village Housing) has a nice Albertson's grocery, Long's Drugs. Walgreens and Starbucks very nearby. Webster Street near housing has all major fast food restaurants nearby.

A new Wal-Mart just opened on Hegenberger Street in Oakland by the airport, right off the freeway, approx 10 miles south. Target is about 11 miles to the east. Sears in downtown Oakland.

Adult Schools~
College of Alameda within walking distance (Peralta College District) Also classes available through Alameda Park & Rec. UC Berkeley and UC Hayward within reasonable driving distance.

Fun Activities~
Gosh! Where to start! Movie Theater
Alameda Marketplace
Rosenblum Cellars (walk from housing!)

Ok, there's always the Oakland Zoo, SF Zoo, Jelly Belly Factory, Budweiser Factory, Six Flags Water World Concord, Six Flags Marine World, Paramount's Great America, Bonfante Gardens Theme Park, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Monterey Aquarium, Napa Valley, Pixieland Park, Raging Waters, more museums, golf courses and parks than I can list. Lots to do!

Additional Info~
City of San Francisco
Alameda Facts:
Population: approx 75,000
Unemployment: 3.1%
Parks: 14
Churches: 36
Libraries (4)
Newspapers: 5
Cable TV: Comcast, or Alameda Power & Telecom
Internet: Comcast, SBC, Alameda Power & Telecom
City Data

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