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Station/Boat Location~
MSST San Francisco

Date there~
June '06 - June '09

Absolutely beautiful. The typical weather is dry. The sun usually comes out from behind the clouds around noon. In the summer it never rains and rarely gets too hot or humid. The average temp from June to October has been 70.

Military facilities~
On Coast Guard Island there is a very small exchange, a gas station, child development center, post office, tailor, barber, a large gymnasium/exercise room and an olympic size swimming pool.

There is a clinic on Coast Guard Island where you can get most prescriptions for free.

Military housing in Alameda, Concord, Novato and Dublin.

In Alameda there are two grocery stores near housing, Safeway and Albertsons. There is a small shopping center where the Safeway is located. Most of the shopping is outside of Alameda in Emeryville and San Leandro. The closet mall is in Hayward. The best mall is in Pleasanton about 45 minutes away. The nearest commissary is at Travis AFB which is about 1.5 hours away.

Child Care/Schools~
There is an Armed Services YMCA in housing. They offer activities for various age groups. There is also a CDC on Coast Guard Island. Many schools are within walking distance of housing.

Adult Schools~
Alameda College is just over a mile from housing.

Fun Activities~
The city of Alameda has a number of street fairs throughout the year. Every Tuesday morning and Thursday evening there is a Farmers' Market on Webster Street. There are several parks throughout the city. Northern California has unlimited site seeing.

Additional Info~
Everyday we are here, we love it more and more. There is so much to do and the weather is wonderful. PM me if you would like more info on the area.

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