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Station/Boat Location~
USCGC Zephyr (179')

Date there~

Amazing:70s-80s in summer;60s-70s in winter. Never rains and low humidity

Military facilities~
If living on Coronado,North Island has a commissary,exchange, movie theater,golf course,beach,bowling alley,and other amenities.

Both on-base and off-base offered

There is on-base housing but it is a very long wait for anything on Coronado (either NAB or North Island ). Off-base housing is available in town. We currently rent from a navy family in the Village. It is more expensive than in San Diego but it is THE BEST COMMUNITY. Coronado is a small town within a big city. You can walk/bike to everything. The schools are excellent. And,they have wonderful celebrations here like the 4th of July celebration,a Christmas parade,a flower show,etc.

Lots of shopping. You can either shop on the base or go over the bridge for malls,etc.

Child Care/Schools~
The public schools are excellent – one for the village and one for the strand. There are two private elementary schools – Christ Church Day School (which is a phenomenal school and very caring – but apply early as it's hard to get a spot) and Sacred Heart Catholic School. There are a few preschools on the island including Graham (apply early),Resurrection,Sand Piper,and a day care facility at the local Baptist Church.

Adult Schools~
In San Diego,there is a plethora of opportunities.

Fun Activities~
Coronado is strategically based. Everything is close by. The zoo & museums are 5 minutes away. Sea World is 15 minutes away. The beach is either a walk or bike ride away depending on where you live in town. The weather lends itself to outdoor activities. There are concerts in the park,sporting events (we're about 10 minutes from the baseball park),and lots of children's activities.

Additional Info~
If transferring to San Diego,look into living on Coronado. It's a perfect place. It's easy to get to San Diego jobs. I don't know if we would have enjoyed this assignment as much if we hadn't lived in Coronado. We would love to live here fully but it is not to be. But,if we have a chance to return, we will!

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