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Station/Boat Location~
Station Noyo River, Fort Bragg, CA

Date there~
Present=I grew up there... That's where I met my Husband

Mild, Lots of rain in the winter, and Fog most is seen at anytime of the year. The Warmest weather is usually in Mid September to Mid October.

Military facilities~
Station Noyo River is a small boat station located in the harbor. There is no exchange or base. The closest are either in Petaluma (3 hour drive) or Eureka (3 hour drive)

Civilian care allowed by Tricare. The Local Hospital, Mendocino Coast District Hospital Is the only one in town. There are several doctors offices including one that is solely Pediatrics.

The housing are 3 or 4 bedroom houses on a cul-de-sac. The houses are very well maintained and each house has an attached garage and a good sized front and back yards. From what I understand these are some of the Coast Guards finest housing. Because there is only 7 houses, living on the economy is allowed also.

The closest major shopping is in Ukiah which is about an hour and a half drive. Here you will find a Walmart, Big Lots, Mervyns, JC Pennys, Payless shoe source, And Big 5 sporting goods. The closest malls are in Santa Rosa (close to Petaluma), or Eureka. Fort Bragg does offer Safeway, Rite Aid, and Long's. But thats about it. There are tons of little shops in downtown Fort Bragg including a really nice family shoe store right on Main St. Fort Bragg is 7 miles from Mendocino (maybe you've heard of it) where there are lots of quaint, but pricey shops.

Child Care/Schools~
There are a few preschools to choose from. As for the regular school system there is only one school for each level:
(grades K-2) Redwood Elementary School
(grades 3-5) Dana Gray Elementary School
(grades 6-8) Fort Bragg Middle School
(grades 9-12) Fort Bragg High School
There is also a continuation school.

Adult Schools~
College of the Redwoods is a small community college that is nestled on the headlands. Its about 3 minutes from the C.G station. It is a small college, but offers many different subjects. All walks of life can be seen attending classes here.

Fun Activities~
There are lots of different sports groups for all ages. If you love hiking or rustic beaches this is the place for you! Surfing, fishing, and whale watching are all popular activities.

Additional Info~
Fort Bragg is a small town with a population somewhere around 6500 people. After a few trips to the grocery store, it's most likely the checkers will recognize you and say hello. Life in F.B is very laid back. The major industries there are Forestry/Logging and Fishing. It has small- town charm and is a great place to raise your kids. Crime is next to none, really.

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