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Station/Boat Location~
Tracen Petaluma

Date there~
August 2003-current

Same as Campspac Pt. Reyes. Raining or sunny. September and October have been the warmest months the last two years.

Military facilities~
Tracen and Travis AFB

Tracen has a medical clinic for active duty and the dependents get to go to civilians or Travis if you want to drive about an hour for one appointment.

There is 150 housing units on board Tracen and some people are allowed to live in Novato housing.

There is plenty of shopping from small town shops to the malls.

Child Care/Schools~
Tracen has a CDC. Other school information I don't have I don't have kids yet.

Adult Schools~
Santa Rosa Jr college is popular for many active duty and dependents.

Fun Activities~
There is always something going on from corn mazes in October to fairs and apple festivals in the Summer. The beach is only about 20 min but bring a jacket in the evening.

Additional Info~
Tracen is about 15 min from Petaluma and 30 min from Santa Rosa. In the middle of cow country and they fertilize the fields each year so it gets a bit smelly. Beautiful and extremely safe on base for kids.

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