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Station/Boat Location~
Station Rio Vista

Date there~

Hot summer (dry heat) mild spring fall and winter there always seems to be a breeze

Military facilities~
The station is what you got in town. If you go down the road about thirty minutes you will get to Travis where there is a huge air force base and there is a hospital and a commissary.

You go to the AFB for your medical. They are pretty nice.

There is not much in the way of housing. The housing is on base. They are small but they have a yard overlooking the Delta which is nice. You could live in concord housing but then you have to go through highway traffic and pay a toll to cross the bridge.

there is not a whole lot of shopping in town they only have a few restaurants and ma and pa stores. They have one grocery store that is way over priced. You could go to Antioch or Pittsburgh They have most of your basic stores. You can also find these stores in the cities surrounding the AFB as well.

Child Care/Schools~
There are two pre-k programs in the area. only one of which is in town. There is one grade school and one intermediate school and one high school. should have them posted

Adult Schools~
You could go to Pittsburgh to Los Medonos college. Or you could go to UC Davis

Fun Activities~
Not a whole lot to do in town. however if you are willing to drive an hour or two you can see some amazing things. There is lake Tahoe. There is a wild west town called Columbia State park. There is Yosimite. There is black diamond mines. There is Tilden park there is the Oakland zoo. San Fran is not to far. You can go to historic Sacramento (45 min drive) and then go to the state fair. They have some of the best hiking trails and some of the best Mountain bike riding. kite surfing is a big thing to do in the delta. If you have a family getting a little speed boat is a lot of fun ( there are two launch ramps in Rio Vista).

Additional Info~
This is a nice place. It is a small fishing community. We lived on the economy and had no problem doing so. the schedule was relaxed. two days on and two days off. Oh and by the commissary there is a pick and pull. and on the military lot there is a for sale lot where people sell their cars.

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