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Station/Boat Location~
Group San Diego

Date there~
July 2002

Incredible!!! If you live near the ocean it doesn't get over 80 in the summer. The further inland you go the bigger the temperature swings get. The winter is the "rainy" season with storms once every few weeks on average.

Military facilities~
Navy is big here so there is a lot to choose from.

Like I said navy is big here so there is a lot to choose from including Balboa Navy Hospital for all your needs.

None unless you qualify for a three bedroom and then it is leased housing. If you look you will be able to nice places nearby and if you want to you can go further inland for cheaper rent. Don't live in the southern part of the city, it is not a nice area.

There are malls everywhere. Since it is a big city pretty much anything you want can be found.

Fun Activities~
Sea World, The San Diego Wild Animal Park, The San Diego Zoo, Old Town...

Child Care/Schools~
I am not sure as I do not have kids.

Adult Schools~
There are several major universities here along with many community colleges.

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