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Station/Boat Location~
San Diego

Date there~

Pretty warm all year long! We do have our rainy season just as everywhere else, but its not bad as other cities. The best thing is that within an hour you can get to the beach, dessert and mountains

Military facilities~
This is a big Naval and Marine based city. Within downtown San Diego there are several facilities(exchange, commissary, gyms, MWR, medical) only about 5 minutes away.

The biggest is Balboa Naval Medical Center and the Naval training center. Again this is a big military city so there are several medical locations.

Housing is available, I don't live in it so I cant be too specific, but I do know that they are building A LOT of new housing!

Everything you want is here. There are so many malls and shopping centers!

Fun Activities~

Additional Info~
I guess you can say I'm biased because this is my hometown, but overall San Diego is a great Military and Family city!

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