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Station/Boat Location~
ESU Boston

Date there~
June 2000- present

Your normal four seasons. Winters were mild the first two years and absolutely brutal this year! LOL Autumn is beautiful. Summer is short, but pleasant. There are some really warm days when you need an A/C.

Military facilities~
Hanscom AFB is about 45 miles away. Well worth the trip once or twice monthly!

We use USFHP Brighton Marine. You can also use Tricare. I have been very happy with USFHP. They pay bills faster and there seems to be much less hassle. Many providers take this. Some of the best hospitals in the country are in Boston.

We live in Hull. There are 8 units here. Most people that live here are stationed at Pt. Allerton, which is about 2 miles away! They are individual ranch homes with carports. They are small, but very nice- carpet, wood work, 3 bdrm/ 1 bath. Hull is a peninsula that faces Boston. It is about 20 miles from Boston and most commute by boat. The CG reimburses up to $100 a month for this expense. Then it is about a one mile walk to the CG base.

Shopping is very spread out around here. There is a great variety, it just takes at least 20 minutes to get to anything.

Fun Activities~
Anything you can think of!! Weekend trips to the Cape or other NE states. Awesome museums, skating, the ocean, sports and much more.

Child Care/Schools~
Child care is VERY expensive. Hull offers pre-k and all day Kdg, in their schools. There is also a charter school here.

Adult Schools~
Many of them!!!

Additional Info~
I really enjoy living in Hull. It takes a little more time to get places, but I would not trade the experience. We see Boston Light ( the only CG manned lighthouse) from our window! It has a very small town feel- people are friendly and love the CG.

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