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Station/Boat Location~

Date there~

Summers can be very hot. Fall is beautiful as the foliage changes and winters are cold. We had snow our first year here but last year was very mild.

Military facilities~
The CG base in Boston has a small exchange and a USO. We use all the facilities at Hanscom AFB in Lexington, its about a 30 minute drive and well worth the savings found at the commissary.

We opted for Brighton Marine, USFHP. They are awesome. We choose Dr's from their list and have no co pay. I love USFHP and will be sad to go back to Tricare when we leave.

We live in Randolph housing which is 15 miles south of the city. There are 15 ranch style homes on our block with all CG families. The houses have 3 bedrooms and one bath with a covered carport. There is also housing available in Weymouth, Nahant, Hull, and Wakefield to name a few.

We are very close to the South Shore Plaza which is a great mall. In Randolph there are 2 grocery stores and a Wal-Mart close by. I do all my grocery shopping at the commissary in Hanscom as the cost of living is so high here.

Fun Activities~
We can always find something to do here. A day in Boston exploring the parks, history or museums. There are movie theaters, malls, lots of food, ice skating. There are a ton of activities in the area and your not too far to explore Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont.
There is an Air Force recreation facility located on a cliff in Scituate Mass. This was my first time camping and we did the whole tent thing, which was fine but they also have really nice cabin rentals. What an awesome "get-away" spot for military, if your in New England this is a must.
Fourth Cliff Family Recreation Area

Child Care/Schools~
The schools aren't bad in Randolph. As far as day care there are centers on every corner but they average about $245 a week for full time care.

Adult Schools~
The possibilities are endless here. There is Harvard, UMass, U of Boston, as well as many junior colleges.

Additional Info~
I feel very fortunate to have lived here. I do not care for the long months of winter but putting that aside once you get used to the driving and attitude here its great. We have done so many things and explored so much of New England. It was a hard adjustment but well worth it.

Homeport MA

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