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Station/Boat Location~
Now homeported in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, NH.

Date there~
May 2000 - Aug 2002

Typical New England four seasons. The winter is less extreme since you are on the coast. That is very nice in the summer and the winter. Summer can get very hot and muggy. Winter can get very cold and dry. Being from the Northwest, it was a nice change

Military facilities~
Naval Station Newport, RI is about an hours drive away. They have a large exchange, credit union and commissary. Plus they do have a Military Treatment Facility for family. It's a very nice place. If you are close enough, or willing to make the drive then it's probably your best bet. About 40 minutes the other way is Otis. This is where the AIR STA Cape Cod is located. It is still called Otis Air Force base even though it is only Air Nat Guard now. There is a small exchange and commissary there. Some things are cheaper, but not everything. Try to go to Newport to stock up.

MTF at Newport. A small clinic on Otis. You can also go on Tricare Prime. Another option is to go through Brighton Marine. This is nice if you decide to live in New Bedford or anywhere close by. They have docs in Fall River and elsewhere. I used this service because we lived in NB.

There is Coast Guard Housing on Otis. It's ugly on the outside, but it's very nice inside. 3 bedroom units for everyone, even if you don't have kids. A total of 1200 livable SQ ft and a full basement on top of it all. Some of the kitchens are renovated, some not. It's very quiet and very safe and a very nice place to live. Most families on the Tahoma live on Otis. New Bedford is a pretty cheap place to live. You have to be in the historic area to have any safety though. If you want to be close to the boat, check out Dartmouth or Fairhaven. Fairhaven schools are really, really good. Especially the high school which is pretty much a castle. Most of new Bedford is pretty ghetto. But, it has a vibrancy and energy that we really enjoyed. the downtown cobblestoned area is getting many good shops and turning into a very nice shopping district.

On Cape Cod the mall is about a 20 minute drive. In the summer, traffic is awful and it takes much longer. Just don't go on the weekends. Getting to the mall can be a challenge then. Otherwise, Silver City Galleria is really cool.

Fun Activities~
It's coastal...beach stuff mostly. Otherwise, the people are really neat there. They are try sarcastic, loud NEasteners. But, they are really nice, friendly people. Boston in general is a very very fun place.

Child Care/Schools~
From what i know (with no kids yet) the schools are good. There is a day care on Otis and Newport. There are also schools on the bases.

Adult Schools~
Cape Cod Community College is the only thing on the cape. Otherwise, there is a comm coll in fall river. The closest 4-year is Bridgewater State College where I earned a BS. It is a fabulous wonderful school. I can't say enough about it honestly. Even the custodians are friendly and nice. It's about 45 min from Otis and 45 min from New Bedford. If you get onto the Navy bas in Newport, then you have U of Rhode Island (URI), Brown (super spendy private school) and a couple of others.

Additional Info~
Not for nothing is the Tahoma named the "Neverhoma". That's one of the reasons it's nice to be on the bases. The boat is in for 2 months out for 2. It's not fun, but it's do able.

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