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Station/Boat Location~
Station Duluth - ANT Duluth - MSO Duluth - USCGC SUNDEW (180')

Date there~
1980-1982 and 1996-1998 (retired here in 1998 and living happily ever after in Superior WI...across the bridge from Duluth)

Definitely 4 seasons...cold winters, usually snowy (not this winter), late springs that are short (April and May), very nice summers (not too warm...especially if you live near the lake) Warmer summers up on the hill in the Hermantown area or east of Superior away from the lake.

Military facilities~
No exchanges nearby.

The hospitals all accept Tricare (we are standard in Wisconsin, I think MN is prime??)

No milt. housing. We bought a home. I am not sure on leases as we have been retired for 4 years. Several families live in Superior in rentals and others rent in Hermantown MN.

There are Kmarts, Walmarts, Menards and Targets in both Superior and Duluth. Duluth has a moderately large mall (Miller Hill Mall). The Mall of America and several other great malls are just 2 1/2 hrs south in the Mpls/St Paul area.

Fun Activities~
Lots of Winter sports. Skiing at Spirit Mt. and MontduLac (great for beginners and cheap) locally with many other resorts within 2 hours. Snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, snowshoeing and skating. Lots of hockey here!!!
Summers offer bike trails, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting (fall duck, pheasant and deer), swimming, canoeing and lake boating.
There are a lot of festivals in the surrounding area. Duluth has the Grandma's (restaurant) Marathon every June. The Bluesfest and many outdoor concerts each summer. Canal park in Duluth is a great tourist area with a boardwalk along Lake Superior.

Child Care/Schools~
Many choices depending on your location. I personally feel that Superior and Hermantown have better schools than Duluth. My Superior choices would be Cooper Elem (Billings Park area) and the brand new Northern Lights Elem. (University area). In fall of 2003 the new Superior Middle School will open (6-8th). There is one High school. Duluth has many elem. schools 3 Jrs and 3 hs's. Duluth is experiencing a decline in enrollment and financial problems and will be closing some schools next year. Hermantown is growing and seems to put education as a priority.

Adult Schools~
University of MN - Duluth (my alma mater), St. Scholastica College, and University of WI - Superior. Duluth also has Lake Superior College (more trades and assoc. degrees). Superior has a branch of Wisc. Indianhead Tech. College (WITC). Alot of affordable options.

Additional Info~
This is the perfect place if you like the outdoors, 4 season activities. It is a good place to raise a family. Living by Lake Superior is a very relaxing lifestyle. Do not be afraid of the winters...they are not so bad!!

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