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Station/Boat Location~
Station Hatteras Inlet

Date there~

Summer-Can get hot and is very humid. I believe this past summer the highest was in the upper 90's and then add humidity to make it over 100.
We haven't been here for Winter yet, but I know from past experience it is cold and windy. The chances of snow are slim to none, but it does get cold here. In the summer, there is the chance of hurricanes and in the winter-nor'easters.

Military facilities~
There are no military facilities here. You can drive to Norfolk/VA. Beach/Little Creek area, all which are about 2 1/2-3 hours away (depending on driving conditions and how you drive). All of the above have commissaries and exchanges.

There are no HS's here anymore since the Group closed. We are Tricare Prime Remote. There are two doctor's offices on the island, both Healtheast Family Clinics (one in Avon, other in Hatteras). They are Tricare Standard, so in order to get a referral or authorization, you must call Tricare yourself. The Outer Banks Hospital is about an hour away. All of the other doctor's offices, speciality services, etc.. are about an hour plus away.

There is no housing available on Hatteras Island. You are on your own. You will get BAH and have to find a place on the economy to rent. A good place to start is:
This is the local newspaper which is printed twice a week. I wouldn't recommend buying a house here because more than likely you are on a 3 year billet and houses are expensive for little square footage. Of course, I will be more than happy to help you find a place to live.

There are a bunch of locally owned shops on the island. The only "outsiders" we have are Food Lion, Subway, and Dairy Queen. Besides Food Lion, there are 3 other grocery stores: Burrus Red & White (hatteras), Conner's (Buxton), and Village Grocery (Avon). An hour north, there is an outlet strip mall, Kmart, Home Depot, fast food restaurants, and Walmart.

Adult Schools~
The closest college is the College of the albermarle. They have locations in Manteo which is an hour north. There are a lot of great online programs that you can look into to get your degree.

Fun Activities~
If you like the beach, this is the place for you. Popular water activities here are: canoeing, kiteboarding, surfing, kayaking, and windsurfing. There are lots of small festival types of things throughout the year. The Fessenden Center (community center) offers extra curricular sports activities such as soccer, baseball, basketball, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, etc.. In addition, there are playgrounds around the area and an aquarium located in Manteo. I don't think you can ever get bored here as long as you love the beach.

Additional Info~
Feel free to pm or email me if you have any questions. Although I am not the ombudsman, I am always here to help you if you are relocating to this area.

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