:: Wilmington, NC - MogwaiX2
Station/Boat Location~
USCGC Diligence(210')

Date there~
June 2009-present(2011)

Summer is hot (between 90-100 degrees) and Winter is cool (between 40-60 degrees). We don;t get a lot of rain but when we do, you really know it. Most of Wilmington will flood between 6-8 times a year. Major flooding happens about 4 or 5 times.

Military facilities~
USMCAS Camp Lejeune is about 2 hours (front gate). If you have a base pass its about 1 hour 20 minutes (back gate)

Tons of options. Wilmington Health Associates owns about 90% of the medical groups. Cape Fear pediatrics Doctors are great, and can always fit you in. Wilmington Health Associates OBGYN is great. Dr. Erica Cunill, Dr. David Joseph, Dr. Josh Vogel, and Dr, Greg Woodfill are all excellent. They listen and know what you want. If you are pregnant they try to do everything the way you want it. Dr. Woodfill had a midwife feel. New Hanover regional medical center is a very good hospital, and from what I have found the closest. The Betty H. Cameron women's and Children hospital is attached.

No Military housing. Finding affordable housing is very easy. Living above south 17th street is your best option. Lots of night crime below south 17th. Make sure you check out the flood zones. You could also look in Ogden, Monkey junction,Forest Hills and Myrtle Grove. You would still be in Wilmington, they are just the outskirts.

Child Care/Schools~
I don't have kids in school so I'm no help here. What I do know is the small community I live in (Forest Hills) has its own elementary school.

Adult Schools~
UNC-Wilmington (UNCW) off of South College, Cape Fear Community College, Downtown, and Miller Motte off of Market.

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