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Station/Boat Location~
Technically a Navy Base. The Reliance, Campbell, and Tahoma boats are stationed here. There is also a MAT. New Castle, NH is very close. They have a CG Station there.
Technically the base is in Kittery, Maine.

Date there~
2012 and will leave 2016

Four gorgeous seasons! It starts getting cold mid-late October. It progressively gets colder. We've noticed the most snow is January and February. Lots of snow:) Depending on how long and hard the winter is, Spring seems to start mid May. It didn't get very hot these last two years until mid-late June. Summer is short, but perfect! Usually goes mid June through September. Fall here is just stunning. People come from all over to experience it.

Military facilities~
This is the most full service base we've been to. When we got orders it said Portsmouth, NH, but it is actually in Kittery, Maine. It has a big gym, tennis courts, MWR (boats, snow equipment rental, discounted Red Sox tickets, etc.), bowling alley, exchange, grocery, Doctors...

TThe Navy base is where you go for your health care. They have been great about referring out though. Some people choose to switch to Martin's Point. It is apparently a lot like Tricare, but obviously not on base and not military specific.

We chose not to live in housing. Have had several friends live in housing (before and after some 'renovations'). No one I know has really been happy with housing. Lots of issues that never get fixed. Mold problems, asbestos, etc. If it is possible for you to make it work out of housing, I would suggest looking into it. An upside to housing is obviously that you don't have to pay for heat in the winter. It is included in housing. Heat can get expensive, but they do have budget plans at the gas companies. So, don't rule that out. We live in Kittery, but not housing. Kittery is HOPPING. Really growing, but people live in Portsmouth, NH, Eliot, Maine, South Berwick, Maine, Kennebunk, Maine, Hampton, NH. There are some great options.

Kittery has an outlet with a ton of options for shopping. Portsmouth has some boutique style shopping. There is a mall in Newington by Portsmouth, but it isn't impressive.

Child Care/Schools~
Everyone I've spoken to is happy with the schools in the area, but we don't have children. So, I can't be specific.

Adult Schools~
I know a lot of people in the area who have been to or go to UNH. They are happy with their education there.

Fun Activities~
TONS OF OPTIONS! How could one be bored here? The beach, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, exploring tons of different NE cities, camping, go see the foliage, more hiking, pick a pumpkin at the farm, whale watching, snow sports! Snow shoe, snow board, ski, tubing. Some of the most incredible restaurants are here. Try them!!! Not tons of chain-y places like many other areas.

Additional Info~
This area is awesome. We feel so lucky to be stationed here!

Homeport NH

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