:: Coos Bay/ North Bend, OR - SA
Station/Boat Location~
Group North Bend

Date there~
2004 thru 2008

Oregon is very green..because it rains A LOT! The summers in Coos Bay/North Bend range in the lower 70's due to the coast. Cool summers rarily getting over 80's but can. Winters are pretty mild very small chance of snow again due to the proximity of the coast. Can rain continuously in winter. High winds in winter usual.

Military facilities~
The only "military" facilities are the actual units and a small exchange.

AD receive care at the CG medical clinic located at the Air Sta. North bend. Most medical/dental care is taken care of there. If need be they are referred to private civilian dr's for specialty care. Dependents will be Tricare Prime Remote. Your choice of civilian drs. No MTF within reasonable drive. The large multi specialty clinics in town: North Bend Medical Center and Bay clinic in North Bend. The local hospital is Bay Area Hospital (offers ER, OB-GYN, lab,xrays) this is NOT a major hospital. Most pharmacies in town take Tricare for RX medications. Air Sta North Bend has a in-house pharmacy where AD and Dependents can get FREE OTC meds (tylenol, advil, sunscreen, allergy meds and such) must have ID. If Dependents are referred for specialty care over 100 miles (Eugene OR Portland OR) they can be reimbursed for travel expenses thru the Prime Travel reimbursement program. Due to the area there is a constant need for more doctors and often times both NBMC and Bay clinic can cap their patients, meaning they do not accept new pts until space is available. However both are actively recruiting doctors to fill their practices. Both have websites online with specific specialties their clinics offer.

Coast Guard Housing is available but you must check with the housing office for availability. Charleston Duplex

Homeport OR

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