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Station/Boat Location~
Station San Juan or MSO

Date there~
June 2004-present

Hot most of the time with an afternoon shower.

Military facilities~
The Coast Guard base is located in Old San Juan and is about 20-25 min away from housing if you leave early enough. Fort Buchanan is the Army base and is located about 10-15 min away from housing.

Dependents go to civilian doctors of their choice. There is a nice size list to chose from. The doctors are as close as down the street and also located in San Juan. Clinica Las Americanas is located down the street but mostly has OBGYN. The people there are extremely helpful Active duty goes to medical at Base San Juan or go to a civilian if they need a specialty doctor. For dental active duty goes to Fort Buchanan unless they are a detachment of Borinquen. They will be setting up a trailer for basic dental at Base San Juan in the near future.

Housing is pretty nice but is currently pretty empty. They have 2,3,and 4 bedroom 2 story townhouses. The walls are plaster so it is hard to hang pictures. There are also handicap accessible houses. You can also get high speed internet and digital cable in housing. There is a pool, gym, and community center. There is also a small library which has mostly donated books.

The largest mall in the Caribbean is located about 15 min away and is huge. They have all the stores you would find in a typical mall. The department stores there are JCPenny, Sears, and Macys. There is also a Borders and a movie theater there. About 10 min away is San Patricio mall which mostly has local stores but a few larger stores. There is a Kmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walgreens here. Prescriptions can be filled at Walgreens. There is also a Costco and Sams club for all your bulk needs. About 5 min from housing are grocery stores, gas stations, a Kmart, Pep Boys, movie theater and fast food. At Fort Buchanan you can find the Commissary and exchange. The exchange is quite small though and you have to watch expiration dates at the commissary.

Child Care/Schools~
There is daycare at the base along with many babysitters. The schools are located on Fort Buchanan and the school bus picks up at 4 locations in housing.

Adult Schools~
For the adults they have recently started Spanish classes in the Community Center at housing. They also offer water aerobics and will be starting adult karate classes if they get at least 3 people. There is also a University of Pheonix campus down the street from housing. Central Texas College also offers classes at Fort Buchanan.

Fun Activities~
There is alot to do on the island. There is plenty of snorkeling and SCUBA diving. There is also El Yunque rainforest which has a wide variety of hiking trails. There are beaches and trails which you can rent bikes and explore. There are fishing trips and also boats that will take you out snorkeling and have buffet lunches and unlimited pina coladas and rum punch. Cruises leave San Juan all year round. There are also flights offered to the Virgin Islands.

Additional Info~
The traffic and the driving is crazy. Also don't be afraid to leave housing or you won't enjoy your time here. They have a different work ethic which is when it's time for lunch or the end of the day I'm gone.

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