:: San Juan, PR - Budderfly
Station/Boat Location~
GANTSEC Old San Juan Downtown (Calle La Puntilla area)

Date there~
July 2003 - present

Warm to hot, and sunny all year around. Tropical island weather with trade winds.

Military facilities~
CG base has a small exchange and a SATO office. Fort Buchanan has a big commissary, AAFES with mall are--barber shop, eye care, GNC, food court, cleaning service. There is a bowling alley and a teen center. There are many MWR programs, and a huge wonderful pool with water slides there.

Tricare Latin America/Humana. Dependents go to civilian clinics from list of choices. Active duty go to Fort Buchanan or the Coast Guard Base clinic

USCG base housing at Rio Bayamon, in Bayamon, PR. Very nice housing with central air, balcony on master bedroom, car port, storage room, and screened in porch. Units are fairly new, concrete construction white with blue trim. A little bit on the small side, no garage or large storage area---if you need a place for a lot of garage type stuff you are going to have to improvise. Most people use the screened in porches for storage area. Kitchens are small but all appliances are fairly new and decent. Tile floors, some ceiling fans. All maintenance is done in a timely manner, and the pesticide/exterminator folks are on speed dial. Tennis courts, walking path, a lovely pool, and a community center. The area is gated and guarded 24/7.

You name it they pretty much got it here. Walmarts, Kmarts, Macy's every chain store and restaurant is here. This place is a shoppers MECCA.

Child Care/Schools~
A CDC right here in housing, my kids are too old for it, but it looks great and I have heard nothing but good about it. There is a AES, AIS , AMS and AHS on Fort Buchanan. They are Department of Defense schools. Antillies Elem K-2nd, Intermediate 3rd-5th, Middle 6th-8th and High 9th-12th. My kids have attended AES, AIS and AMS---no complaints. THEY WEAR UNIFORMS! (I like it though) Bus service is provided.

Adult Schools~
They offer a few classes on base from time to time, there is a Phoenix University here as well. If you speak Spanish as a 1st language I guess the sky would be the limit here. I see info and ads for schools all the time, but I don' speak Spanish. I don't know much specifics about Puerto Rican schools.

Additional Info~
Eating out, shopping, beaches, pools, resorts, vacation packages to other Caribbean destinations, cruises, diving, snorkeling, some hiking, El Yuque rainforest, Old San Juan etc. Culebra and Vieques Islands . Phosphorescent water/bays . A lot to try out here!!!!

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