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Station/Boat Location~
Station San Juan

Date there~
2005 - 2008

Hot and humid summers. Winter is like springtime in the states. Rains frequently but usually for an hour or two and then the sun comes back out.

Military facilities~
Fort Buchanan is about 5-10 minutes and has schools, commissary, PX, post office, vet, gas station, library, teen center, etc.
There is another Coast Guard base (Borinquen) about 2 hrs away that has morale cottages you can rent.

The main clinic is about 1/4 mile from housing and has primary care and most specialists, plus a lab, xray, pharmacy, and dentists. Also, several hospitals nearby.

Cement townhomes, mostly spacious but you'll want to paint - too much white! Most are in good shape and they're getting ready to remodel some. You're responsible for your own lawn upkeep, and bring a washer/dryer. Pool, basketball, tennis courts, playground, gym, walking/running path, small library, teen room.

Tons! Lots of malls close by. Outlet malls in 45 minutes east and west. Largest mall of the caribbean (3 stories) is 10-15 minutes away. Most American chains are here, and you can get good deals at PR stores. Lacking: Target, craft stores.

Adult Schools~
University of Phoenix, Interamericana University, University of Puerto Rico.

Fun Activities~
Snorkeling, scuba diving, beach, nature hikes, lots of fiestas, ballet, symphony, salsa dancing, art museums, cruises, close to Virgin Islands.

Additional Info~
Although owned by the U.S., remember it is a foreign country that speaks mostly Spanish. It will be an easier adjustment if you learn some basic Spanish before you come. Also prepare for very heavy traffic - it is a large metro area. You'll enjoy it if you come with an open mind and sense of adventure, and get out and explore. If you're uncomfortable with different cultures or change, you might want to stay stateside.

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