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Station/Boat Location~
USCGC CHIPPEWA Buchanan, TN -- Paris Landing

Date there~
2002 - 2006

in the Tennessee Valley, often rainy, windy, & humid...sometimes snow

Military facilities~
Ft. Campbell, KY is a large ARMY base about 45 minutes away with everything you can think of

off base-Tricare Prime Remote

Very competitive locally near the boat. There are a few rental homes and condos in Buchanan and some rental homes and apartments in Paris. Then there are many who commute from Murray, KY (about 35 minutes) living in apartments, condos, or houses there.

Super Wal-Mart in Paris, TN & Murray, KY. Ft. Campbell has a very nice Commissary, PX, & other shops. Nearest Malls are in Clarksville, TN & Paducah, KY about an hour away

Adult Schools~
Murray State University

Fun Activities~
Land Between the Lakes, , has a lot to offer like camping, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, Elk & Bison Praire, Planetarium, off-road park at Turkey Bay, and my favorite, the Homeplace, which is a working farm, plus a lot of other things.
Paducah, KY has a really nice historical downtown area on the riverfront. Great meeting place with the boat for a night out with your DH. Nashville is about an hour and a half away.
Memphis Zoo is wonderful! Totally worth it! About 3 hours away.
Grand Rivers, KY is a neat little town above LBL. I definitely recommend visiting there. We ate at Patti's and it was delicious. There are many neat things around the restaurant even if you don't eat there like beautiful lights, playground, cute animals, specialty shops, and more.
Paris has the World's Biggest Fish Fry every year with a parade, fair, and events.
Usually the rodeo and the demolition derby come to Paris.
Also, when we were stationed in Buchanan, there was a CG morale pontoon boat, for all of us to take turns using. It was a lot of fun and relaxing going out on the lake and pulling into a restaurant on the water for lunch just to get away.

Additional Info~
In Tennessee there are no state taxes. We changed our residency to there for that very reason.
The Chippewa's run is beautiful along the river, and they get to stop at little riverfront towns and stretch their legs sometimes. We always had excellent cell phone reception and could talk almost every night he was underway with Verizon.


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