:: Neah Bay, WA - cv
Station/Boat Location~
Station Neah Bay

Date there~
Feb 07-Jun 09

40’s to 50’s, in summer you may get a few days of 70’s, winter it can get down to the 30’s. Does not rain too much in the summer months

Military facilities~
Small gym

Clinic in town, hospital an hour away in Forks WA

Very nice houses on base, 2 and 3 bedrooms, all fenced back yards, really great for dogs, nice large playground and walking path around the station. Some people choose to live all the way in Port Angeles and commute in to work, when I was there a bunch of guys would carpool together.

Very little shopping available in town and in Forks, most drive the two hours to Port Angeles for shopping.

Child Care/Schools~
Great school in town, nice daycare

Adult Schools~
The College is 2 hours away in Port Angeles

Fun Activities~
Surfing, Hiking, Boating, all outdoor activities, you have to drive the 2 hours to town for movies, restaurants and other non-outdoor activities

Additional Info~
Neah Bay is a place I will never forget; it is beautiful, but hard on the wives due to the lack of jobs and long drive to town. but if you love the outdoors its great!

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