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Station/Boat Location~
Station Neah Bay

Date there~
September 06 - current

Long Winter, lots of rain. This past winter I was told was really bad and it usually isn't normal to have that much rain and/or snow. Spring is warming up and I have been told that summers are really nice, not to get above the mid 70s though. I was born and raised in Southern California so the Weather was a very big change for me.

Military facilities~
Group Port Angeles is a 1.5 hr drive, has small exchange, barber and medical. Naval base Bangor is 3 hours away with big commissary, bowling alley, gas station, big exchange. However by the time you key in gas and your time the drive isn't worth the savings.

Tricare Prime Remote, this has worked well for us here, we haven't had a problem finding good doctors that accept it. There are no female OBGYN's between here and Seattle.

This is definitely the positive, we have 2 and 3 bedroom single family homes. Great friendly neighbors, big backyards with short fences, all appliances are supplied. We have a 2 bedroom with one large bathroom, carpet in the rooms and vinyl wood floors in the rest of the house, one car garage. the houses are kept nicely and we have had a great experience. The station is very remote so if you have a family living on base is best, however some do live in Port Angeles and make the drive into work

We have a small grocery store and gas station in Neah Bay, closest big grocery store is an hour away in Forks..Port Angeles has safeways, albertsons, walmart. And Sequim has Costco, Home Depot, Pets Mart, JC Penny's. Closest mall is in Bremerton and its a small mall. Seattle has the best shopping but its more of a weekend adventure then a day trip.

Child Care/Schools~
there is a school K-12 in Neah Bay, and a child care facility however my children are young and not in school, this isn't exactly the place I would want them to attend or have a school experience with either. One neighbor has their baby in Child Care and she works at the clinic as a nurse, and I know her child gets sick a lot. I stay home with my children which works out really nice. we have a big play ground on base.

Adult Schools~
There is a community college in Port Angeles, and Hair academy's, nothing more that I know of.

Fun Activities~
We have a small museum of the Makah tribe culture since we are on an indian reservation, canoe when the weather allows, play ground for kids. Very secluded area..but we have a few beautiful beaches and lots of beautiful hiking trails.

Additional Info~
This is our first Station and it was such a big change for me. There isn't much work available here, and this definitely isn't a place I would want to raise my children. They are young so it works out and I try to look at the positive side which is this is only temporary! :)

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