Station/Boat Location~

Date there~
2007 - 2009

Summer: dry, mostly sunny, usually 60-70, but a week of 90s Winter: wet, cloudy, usually 30-40 with a few light snow falls

Military facilities~
Coast Guard Exchange on base (small) Navy Exchange/Commissary in Bangor (1 hr east)

On base clinic for active duty only. Tricare Service Center on base. Make sure you are updated in Tricare even if you go to the TSC. Otherwise, dependents choose a Primary Care Provider in town and see them. Best eye doctor is by far Dr. Huard! We took our dog to Olympic Veterinary Clinic on Front Street, they were very nice and good!

Rental houses and apartments are plentiful. We used James & Associates and they have been very nice to USCG members and quick when something was broken. Some choose to live 15 miles East in Sequim (squim) because there are more newer houses and shopping. However, the base is located out at the end of the Ediz Hook Spit and so it takes a good 45 mins to drive from Sequim to work depending on traffic. Highway 101 goes through downtown and it is very congested in the morning and afternoon.

Safeway, Wal-Mart, JoAnn, Radio Shack, Maurices, Albertsons, other local shops. In Sequim there are big box stores: Office Max, Staples, Pet-Co, Home Depot, Starbucks, Costco, larger Wal-Mart.

Child Care/Schools~

Adult Schools~
Peninsula College in PA has mostly 2 year degrees.

Fun Activities~
Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park), hiking, Lake Crescent, the West end (the towns located to the west of PA), Salt Creek Park, Olympic Discovery Trail, watching ships out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, going to Victoria BC

Additional Info~
PA is fighting right now to keep its older but nice pool open. Sequim has a newer pool. PA has a very nice large library, but Sequim has a smaller, older library. Sequim is a rapidly growing retirement community, PA is an older established working town. We are glad we chose to live in PA. Best pizza is All About Pizza, Best Burger is Frugals, best fancy dinner is Bushwackers, Best lunch is Traylors, Good diner is Joshuas. Dependents can use the YMCA free, but it is older and so I went to the new Anytime Fitness which is very clean and all new. Seattle looks close on the map, but it is about 3 hrs away because you have to take a ferry or go all the way South to Tacoma and then North to Seattle.

Homeport WA

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