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Station/Boat Location~

Date there~

Summer, like heaven on earth. Winter like someone sucked all of the color out of everything--gray, gray and what do you think about gray? Rain. but not hard. The kind you can walk through. no one carries an umbrella all winter. It's a constant drizzle.

Military facilities~
So many--Bremerton, Ft Lewis, McChord AFB, to name just a few.

Great coverage via Pacific Medical Center, loved it, 24/7 and no co-pays.

We had to rent an apt in Lynnwood via gov't lease that took pets. One poster here said you could hear your neighbor sneeze...that was no exaggeration. We heard that, and a lot more...... (blush.

Lynnwood is "the mall", of course there is Pike Place's so cool.

Child Care/Schools~
Unaware, I homeschool.

Adult Schools~
UW has so much to offer.

Fun Activities~
Gosh we loved downtown Pioneer Square and Green Lake. We were always going to one or the other. Leavenworth, the Bavarian town was so neat. also spent lots of time going places such as the Ho Rainforest--only one of two or three temperate rainforests in the world! Exists on an island east of Puget sound....My husband saw orcas a lot. I was so jealous. There's also orca and other whale watching adventures. and you're a ferry ride to Victoria Island, BC... we spent our first anniversary was perfect and FUN. The entire state is so majestic. We saw a free Pearl Jam concert put on in the park and Seattle did a great job. It was so organized. We also went to the hydroplane races on lake Washington in the summer--a big hit.

Additional Info~
Were it not for the linited choice for housing and gray skies and rain all ( i mean ALL) winter, I would love Seattle.....did i mention it was gray and rained a lot? You know, if you owned a dawn simulator that produced 10,000 lux lamp to beat the GRAY dark winter, it could be done, and a lot of fun! I'm a flower, I DIE in winter. I remember the day the sun came out...March 9th.

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