:: Seattle, WA - Gargoyle
Station/Boat Location~

Date there~
May 2002 to present

Everything. Cold, rainy, sunny, hot and perfect all the time. :) Can you tell I like it here.

Military facilities~
Coast Guard base in Seattle. Navy base in Everett. AF and Army bases in Tacoma.

I use Branch clinic at Naval Base Everett.

We live on the economy north of Seattle. I don't think they have housing in Washington.

Anything you could imagine. Malls, commissaries, exchanges, small shops, specialty stores. You'll never want for a place to find anything.

Child Care~Schools
Don't know much about it yet. My dd is going to be going to a co-op preschool affiliated with Edmonds Community college this year.

Adult Schools~
Various Community colleges and UW.

Fun Activities~
Lakes, parks, zoo, aquarium, water park, close to Canada, beaches. Snow stuff in winter. :) Once again just about anything.

Additional Info~
I have had so much fun here in the last year. I expect for my remaining years here to be just as fun.

Homeport WA

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