:: Moving Tips 102 - During your move
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*A representative from the moving company will come to your house to see how many boxes they will need. Request that they send upright wardrobes compared to lay down wardrobes. Your clothes will come out much better and ready to hang in the closet. You can use dry cleaner bags to help protect you clothes if you like.
*You can ask the representative if you can leave your clothes in the dressers or not. Some do and some don't, but I would still put the items in plastic scented bags just to protect them.
*Let the representative know that you would prefer that they shrink wrap your couch, love seat and chair.
*Ask the representative if you need to have your fridge off for 24 hours prior to the movers coming. Some require it and some don't.
*Watch the movers and be nice to them. If you encounter a problem, do not argue with them, call the transportation office immediately.
*Once the movers get there you will not be able to leave, so plan ahead for lunch. They are very appreciative if you are able to provide lunch for them too.
*Every item and every box should have a tag as it's going on the truck.
*Have small Zip-loc bags and tape ready on packing day. As the movers take things apart, get the small hardware and bag it up. Tape it to the item immediately.
*Make sure the packers box your couch cushions. If they use them to pack the load on the truck they can get permanently damaged or even lost.
*If possible, have a couple extra people around when the packers come. They can help watch the packing. Don't be afraid to check the letters or numbers on the packing sheet, they use these codes to describe your furniture. You can ask them about this.
*Color code the boxes so that you will know immediately which room the box belongs in. You can also color code the rooms so the packers will know which box belongs where.
*Towards the end of packing day, make sure that the last minute items that can be boxed are getting boxed and not just thrown in the truck.
*Talk to your truck driver, they will have some idea of when they will be able to deliver. Sometimes it can really work out and your items will not have to go into storage.
*Before the packers leave, make sure you go through the house to look for anything that may have been looked over. If you have a multi-day pack, ask the movers to leave a large wardrobe for the last day. Therefore, you can pack the items that you want immediately at your new place.
*If you are moving OCONUS, they are required to crate your HHG on your property and once the crate is sealed you will be required to initial the banding that surrounds the crate. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO LEAVE WITH AN OPEN CRATE, IT MUST LEAVE YOUR PROPERTY SEALED/TAGGED.

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