:: Moving Tips 103 - Arriving at your new place
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*When you arrive at your new place, have a camera available to document damages.
*The carrier will give you 5 copies of a two-sided pink form. DD Form 1840-Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery. If they do not have these, notify Personal Property immediately. You should fill out sections 13 and 14 with the carrier. You have 90 days to file the damage claim and 1 years to begin a claim.
*Please view your weight amount before anything is done. It should be already filled out. Make sure it is what they told you before your move.
*They are required to unpack and put together furniture. They can only place furniture one time. They will unpack and put away stuff in any available spot. They do not organize it, but it will be unpacked. The decision is up to you whether to let them unpack. You will be asked to sign a waiver stating that you did not want them to unpack you.
*You can always ask if they can come back and pick up the boxes, but once they leave, they are NOT obligated to come back. If not, some have had success at selling the boxes and making a profit.
*If you are in a hot climate, I would suggest having the packers come very early in the morning.
*It is up to you whether you tip the packers or not. I never did until my last move, they were absolutely wonderful to me with Dh not there.

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