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Station/Boat Location~

Date there~
04/26/2004 - 03/27/2005

The summer is pretty nice although it can be a little chilly at times. Fall was beautiful, the trees change all those gorgeous colors and the temperature is perfect! Winter was rough. We had A LOT of snow, many mornings were spent shoveling out the cars. Springtime is nice as well, watch for the baby bunnies that come out to play. We actually had a nest and got to watch them grow in our yard.

Military facilities~
We went to Group Boston to fill out our important information like Tricare and to do our housing stuff.
We used Hanscom Air Force Base to go shopping and for hair cuts. Most of the guys on the ship used Hanscom as well, it's the closest and easiest base to get to.

We also used Hanscom Air Force Base

There are about 13 houses in Wakefield Housing. You will get 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a small kitchen, a dining room and a living room and a shed to keep your outdoor belongings in.
There is a playground for the kids to use as well.

There are two nice malls about 20-30 minutes north of Wakefield in Danvers. It also has a Target and fast food restaurants. A new home depot recently opened the next exit heading north from Wakefield.

Adult Schools~
Western New England College - 781-933-1595
397 Main St
Woburn, MA
North Shore Community College - 978-762-4000
1 Ferncroft Rd
Danvers, MA
Blaine-The Beauty Career Schools - 781-397-7400
347 Pleasant St Malden, MA

Fun Activities~
We went to Salem for Halloween which was a lot of fun.
They go all out with a parade and booths and such. I'd definitely suggest going there.
Gloucester is also nice to walk around, you can recognize buildings and piers from the movie "The Perfect Storm."

Additional Info~
The crew on this cutter was awesome! They were extremely friendly and helpful!

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