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Be sure to check out Military Maintstreet for other military member affiliated relocation websites, such as Realtors.
USCG Human Resources

Moving Tips 101 - Before your move
Moving Tips 102 - During your move
Moving Tips 103 - After your move
Apartment List
Automated Housing Referral Network - Sponsored by the DOD, assistance in finding available housing
Coasties on the Move
Homes For Heroes
House Rentals - Homes For Sale and Rentals - Homes For Sale
Movto - Real Estate - Real Estate - Real Estate
RentToOwnLabs - Rent to Own
Zillor - Look up information via the phone book
AreaVibes - Find the best places to live - City guide information
Credit/Critics - Moving to a new home
HomeFacts - Know more about where you live
Home Fair - National relocation information
Military Living
Moving Options
Neighborhood Scout - National relocation information
North American Van Lines - Moving/Relocation tips
Olympic Storage and Movers - Moving company terminology - Information on Schools - Information on Schools
Public School Review - Information on Schools
School Diggers - Information on Schools
School Match - Information on Schools

DMV - Locate your specific state to determine requirements - Pet friendly information
Furniture Finder - Local Furniture Deals & Sale Events
MeetUp - Meeting new people in your area
National Recreation and Park Association - Online newspapers
Online Newspapers - Find your home town newspaper - Pet friendly information
Postal Service Zip Code Lookup

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