:: Cleveland, OH - Tiff
Station/Boat Location~
D 9 /Cleveland Ohio

Date there~
2009 - 2014

you get all four seasons..winters on average by Halloween you're wearing a jacket with temps in the 40s-50s.. snow on average starts around the end December/beginning Janruary depending on year and goes to around march.. Summer temps are normally 80s-90s

Military facilities~
3 exchanges one small exchange in federal blg. One slightly bigger exchange by air port area and one strictly alcohol selling exchange on CG base down town.

Tricare prime. you will not have a problem finding Dr of all specialties. (Cleveland clinic) excepts Tricare which is a renowned facility that people fly all over the world to come for treatment and you have it right at your finger tips!

none available so you have to rent/own in this area. Rent is very far priced all over the Cleveland area. Everyone is very spread out here.

it has everything.. all major retail shopping stores and more.. a lot of malls to choice from as well.

Child Care/Schools~
they have a daycare in the federal blg. Available for federal blg. Employees only.. so if you or spouse is stationed in the federal blg you could possibly get daycare there. Schools in most of the suburbs are good.

Adult Schools~
you have many options available to you.

Fun Activities~
where to start.. there is so much to do in the Cleveland area if you are a person that likes to stay busy you will not have a problem finding things to do here.. to just list a few: metro parks which are beautiful!!! For hiking, running, biking, fishing, water falls through out the metro park area, rock climbing, sking, tobogganing, camping, there's always some kind of festavil going on, Rock hall of fame, football hall of fame, scenic rail road, BIG sports town!! you don't even have to be a sports fan to have a blast at a football, baseball, hockey, or basketball game. Amish country is only a 45 min drive alway. Cidar point amusement park, a few water park resorts in the area, great city for eating lots of known chief's are from here and have restaurants in or around down town.. west 6th/ east 4th st is a up scale restaurant area and date night activities..Horse shoe casino is down town, Cleveland has it's own little italy, there's west side market which is a must see it's over 100 yr old market. Zoo, aquarium, science museum.. I could go on but I will leave it at that! Lol

Additional Info~
I LOVE living here!! I wish we could stay. We hope to retire here one day and this is coming from a born and raise FL girl! The only down fall is the winter can get pretty cold and snowy depending on year and you don't have a nice beach to go to here.. clevelanders will tell you there are a few lake beaches like Huntington or edge water and don't get me wrong they are ok but coming from living in an area like FL there's no comparison.. you don't have to live fare from down town to find a good family area to live.. we live in Parma which is only 25 min from down town.. I have children in elementary, middle, and high school age here and have nothing bad to say.. just to give you idea on rent we live in a updated 5 bedroom 3 bath home on a wooded property for 1100 a month so housing prices are not bad at all.. the CG member can get a free bus/ transit pass every month or if you choose to drive parking is 1.50-10 a day and a lot of places have monthly deals available.. hope this help!

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