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Station/Boat Location~
Station Marblehead

Date there~
2005- Present

We experience all the seasons here. Summers temperatures are mid 80's - low 90's, winters bring lots of snow!

Military facilities~

TriCare Prime Remote

YES! 8 single family homes- They are located in Port Clinton which is a very safe and quiet residential area. The drive to the station is about 20 minutes. There are two 4br and six 3br homes with 1 1/2 baths. They have fenced in rear yards with decks on the rear of the houses. The 3br homes have a double car garage and the 4br homes have a single car garage. They are very nice. The best housing we have ever lived in!

Plenty of it! Sandusky is about a 25 minute drive and has a mall, tons of shopping, lodging and restaurants. In Port Clinton there are three different grocery stores, a super Wall Mart and lots of small shops and fast food restaurants. Toledo is probably the closest large city- it's about a 45 minute drive. Cleveland is an hour away.

Child Care/Schools~
The schools here are said to be among the best in North Central Ohio. Bataan Elementary is within walking distance to housing. The middle and High Schools are only a short drive. There is also a private Catholic school here. Child care is mostly done by private providers in their homes.

Adult Schools~
Yes. Bowling Green State University has a campus in the area. There is also Owens Community College located in Toledo and Terra Community College close by.

Fun Activities~
There is lots to do here; Many festivals and attractions in the area including Cedar Point amusement park. You could take a short ferry boat ride out to Put-in-bay or Kelly's Island for a day of fun. There is almost always something to do. The winters can be harsh, so you'll have to be creative!

Additional Info~
This has been by far the best place we have been stationed! I like to call it one of the CG best kept secrets. The people in this area are really nice. If your looking for that small town feeling with low crime and great community involvement, you will be very happy here!

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