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Station/Boat Location~

Date there~

Sunny and warm. Hot & Humid. Rainy at times. Hurricane season is from June to November.

Military facilities~
Fort Buchanon is about 5 miles away from CG Housing. It offers a commissary, PX, and a Pxtra. 
Bowling alley, fix it garage and gas station.

Very convenient private clinic about 2 blocks away from USCG Housing. Clinica las Americas. They are mostly bilingual and always try to find someone who can help you. Good medical care, great Pediatricians. Specialist in the area do not take appointments, and you end up waiting in line to be seen.

USCG Housing: Rio Bayamon, there are 150 town home style houses. 2, 3 & 4 bedroom units. They are cement structure, hurricane code houses. They are well designed, and by military standards quite spacious. They have a car port, storage room, laundry room & screened porch.

There are 2 malls very close to housing and most large chain are in Puerto Rico. For those Target lovers, bad news! No Target,or Kohls. There are Sams/Costco/ Walmart/ Kmart/ Sears/ Macy's/ JcPenny's, etc...

Adult Schools~
Interamericana University offers classes in English and is close by.

Fun Activities~
THE BEACH! The rainforest, Bio Bays, snorkeling, sailing, etc.

Additional Info~
There was a difficult adjustment period at first, but I have really grown to love it here and am making the most of our short tour here! Only 2 years!

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