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Station/Boat Location~

Date there~

Summer is 60-75 usually, cloudy part of the time with occasional days of sunshine. Winter averages 35-50 and is usually raining/windy. Some of the windstorms can get pretty crazy, trees falling is not uncommon, they will also close the Megler bridge if it gets to high speed winds. Has snowed once/twice a year since we arrived, but only lasts a day or two.

Military facilities~
Small base here in Ilwaco. There is an exchange across the water in Astoria with a gas station. There is an airbase in Astoria that handles medical/id's/ect...

AD sees medical at the station in Astoria. Dependants see civilian doctors. We love the pediatric clinic in the hospital pavilion. Also recommend the women's clinic for birthing/women's needs. We see a dentist here in Long Beach who is great.

Two locations for housing. On base housing was recently remodeled, those consist of 2-3 bedrooms. The units are duplexes with fenced yards, garages and there is a pavillion in that section of housing. It has a fantastic view of the bay, but can get very windy during the winter. The other location is in the area called Baker's bay, near a small airport. It is mixed in with civilian housing, and consists of 14 individual houses. 3-4 bedrooms, all with fenced yards and garages. They recently installed locked mailboxes for the baker bay housing, but base housing requires P.O. Boxes at the post office. Rentals are also available along the peninsula.

On the WA side of the water there is a general store that includes clothing. Plenty of tourist shops and a small grocery store. Across the water in Astoria there is a Ross, J.C. penny, Fred Meyer, Costco, Joann's, big 5, Home Depot, and a few other specialty shops. For groceries there is Safeway in Astoria or Fred Meyer in Warrenton. Plenty of mom and pop restaurants in the area, but none that deliver.

Child Care/Schools~
Most people use the Peninsula church daycare/preschool. We love the DDP (for children with special needs or help) or the Early Childhood Center next to the Long Beach elementary school. The high school and middle is combined, Ilwaco Middle/High school. There are a few other preschools/daycare options available.

Adult Schools~
Grays Harbor Community College

Fun Activities~
You can drive on the beach, plenty of festivals (kite, cranberry, garlic...). Public library, antique and thrift shops, hiking/biking, several state parks, outlet shopping in Seaside, go kart racing, holiday specials (crab pot tree lighting), theater (movie and acting), several playgrounds in Ilwaco and Long Beach, horseback riding along the beach, arcade, plenty to do in seaside (aquarium, carousel, another beach, it's a 45 minute drive).

Additional Info~
Absolutely love the area, and we have met some really great people here. We love the weather, but it's not for everyone. The locals are very friendly and appreciative, at least all the ones we have met. Tourist season (from April-October) is horrible. Expect delays if you drive anywhere, and an influx of people during those months.

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