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Station/Boat Location~
Air Station Port Angeles

Date there~
05/2005 - 04/2007

Port Angeles (PA) is pretty cold it snow twice a year while I was there and I lived on the waterfront. It's mostly 20s-30s in the winter and 40s-50s in the fall and spring then in the summer it gets around 60s-70s. The neighbor city, Sequim, pronounced Squim and Not Sea/C-quim is called 'Sunny Sequim' because you can see the sun a lot more there than in PA it also seems warmer.

Military facilities~
There's a small exchange located on the base, but there are bigger commissaries in Bangor (71 miles) and Bremerton/Silverdale. (70 miles) Medical

I'll start with pets first since I don't have kiddies yet, for medical needs I went to Angeles Clinic for Animals. They have an awesome staff, a big selection of the services they provide, reasonable prices. For boarding I went to Family Veterinary Clinic, because they had an outdoor and indoor area for the dogs. I think Family Veterinary has even better prices, but I would double check on what you are looking for.

On the Economy.
To be honest I did not like my house or the area that I lived in. Even better I didn't like my landlord. I won't share her name, but I will tell you she is the owner of Properties by Landmark and 4 Winds Investments, Inc. I wouldn't recommend renting with either of them, try Windermere, check out the local apartment rentals, James & Associates Inc, and Landmark Property Management (Sequim). Hope that helps.

My husband was in Port Angeles before I was so he found the place and looked at it online. I rented the same duplex for almost 2 years and when I had problems with the house they would take usually about 2-4 weeks to get done, one of them was never dealt with. My husband got orders for AET School and we need to take emergency leave to see his mom in the hospital. So we left early 5 days to be exact and we were told that our deposit would be mailed to us. We said that's fine and I gave her our new address in NC, and she lost the paper, she was also unprepared no check off list, nothing. We then received a 'check out report' from her stating that we owed her money to replace padding and carpet. I called her and asked what was she talking about, she then said that we had stains, but that they came out, but she wanted to replace it anyway if they came back. She basically wants us to pay for her carpet so that she doesn't have to. So we still haven't received our $400 deposit back from her even though we gave her $100 non-refundable to clean the carpet including stains, which came out. Bottom line is, we are in the military and we move around a lot, but that doesn't give someone the right to abuse us. By sharing my story with you I hope to give you a 'heads up' of renting from these companies or any for that matter, don't get suckered because the truth is we can't take them to small court claims, you have to be there in person anyway and you'll probably never get your deposit back.

No one has shared horror stories about renting to me, we learned on our own. I recommend to the people who are renting, go to this site: and do everything you can to possibly prevent this from happening to you. Try Sequim the location is beautiful and the area has more elderly people so it's a safe community. The base usually helps families with children so they can help in locating a house for you.

Well there's a Wal-mart in Port Angeles and Gottchalks and Maurices which are a department store located in PA. Then in Sequim there's a Petco, Home Depot, JC Penny's, Wal-mart, Radio Shack, Far North Surf Sport (Surf, snowboard, skate shop) and Costco which is brand new! Safeway is in both towns and Albertson's is in PA.

Child Care/Schools~
I know Sequim is the better than PA K-12 in my opinion school wise. For After-school care, I know there's a program the YMCA offers for elementary students. Visit the Clallam County YMCA , which is located in PA.

Adult Schools~
Peninsula Community College , I obtained my Massage Therapy Certificate from here. They provide a great deal of courses.

Fun Activities~
The YMCA is free to all dependents (spouse and children) they provide a gym filled with cardio and strength machines, weight section and classes of all types varying from Yoga, Pilates, weight training, cycling and more. The best part is, for those of you that have kids, they have child care center while you work out there. They also have racquetball/handball and a basketball court, and plenty of activities for children to enroll in. You can fish just about everything, (just ask around) camp and raft the Elwha River , you get the point all the outdoor activities. Visit the Sol Duc Hot Springs; they have 2 mineral pools and a freshwater pool they're loaded with breath taking views. Take the ferries to visit Victoria , British Colombia, Canada (across the waterway) and Seattle (3 hours west). Snowboards: check out Steven's Pass and Hurricane Ridge.

Additional Info~
I would have rather lived in Sequim because of career, shopping/store, school, medical and weather reasons. It just seemed like a much better community, my husband and I spent most of our free time there as well.

Something else I would like to add is to watch out for Sex Offenders here's the site: there seem to be a lot in PA.

Hair places I would recommend Hair Solutions, located in Port Angeles I always had my haircut by Shoshana, she does a wonderful job they are good with prices too.

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