:: Tacoma, WA - Sparkysamy
Station/Boat Location~
PSU 313

Date there~
2001 thru current

Not bad really temp about 50 in winter and 65-70 in summer. doesn't rain as much as everyone would think it does.

Military facilities~
Madigan Army Hospital, but I actually live 75 miles away in Everett, so I go to Providence Everett Hospital. Exchange at Fort Lewis and McChord AFB, also Navy Exchange at Smokey Point, Coast Guard in downtown Seattle.

Madigan, a lot of providers here accept Tricare Standard and Prime, there is just so many military around here.

Not sure, I don't think there is really any CG housing. I know that sometimes the guys stay at Fort Lewis.

Everything you could want, this is metropolitan Seattle after all.

Fun Activities~
Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, whale watching and thousands of parks.

Child Care/Schools~
In Everett, Snohomish School District is really great. On Silver Lake Child care is the best.

Adult Schools~
University of Washington. Western Washington University. Many community colleges and tech schools.

Additional Info~
We really like it here, the only thing is the politics are very left. You know Soldiers and Dogs stay off the grass. As long as you stick to the out lying communities like Everett, Lakewood they are used to the military and really kind of like us.

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