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? Hi, I'm new to this board.
My fiance left for boot camp a week ago (We're getting married once he gets back.) and I'm not sure how the letter writing works. Does he send me a letter first or do I send him one first? Its been a week and the only letter detailing graduation is the only one I have received.

I don't know how long until he can write letters or phone me. I heard something about them being allowed a phone call during the 5th week from pay phones?

I also want to know about the benefits of being a Coast Guard wife. My fiance is going to be a MST.

A Please do not worry about those letters! They are so busy and may not have had time or been allowed to write yet. Pretty soon you will get one and it will be wonderful!!

I think the call does come toward the 5th week. At least there are cell phones these days! MY DH (dear husband) was in boot camp 12 years ago and I missed his first call and the call telling where we were moving!

Hang in there! It will be over before you know it.

A My DH was in boot camp exactly two years ago. I lived by the mailbox. I would even drive home on my lunch hour to check the mail. Cell phones are a life saver. I slept with it next to my head with the loudest ring possible.

Go ahead and write to your fiance. I wrote my husband once a day. Make sure to use plain paper and envelopes. No perfume or kiss marks. Anything you send that draws attention to him is not a good idea. My hubby was only able to write on Sundays, that is the only free time they gave him. I would think you should be getting a letter soon. Hope that your fiance gets somewhere you both want.

The CG will not pay to relocate you to his new station. They will only give him housing allowance for a single person (or he may have to live at the station) until you are married.

Hope you get a letter soon!

A Ditto on what the other ladies have said. When my husband (fiance at the time) went to boot camp, I received a letter/postcard about 2 weeks after he got there with his address. I also received a letter with what boot camp is about what they will be doing and then when and where to go about graduation.

I received a call at week 5 with where he was going to be stationed at -- wasn't a very long phone call at all. I think I got 1 phone call the next couple of weeks. When you write him don't do anything that will draw attention to him like stickers, crazy stuff on the envelope. I wrote my DH like twice a week or so and stopped writing him at like week 6 because the mail is SOOOO slow it won't get to him for a week or so.

The best thing you can do for yourself while your fiance is away is to keep yourself busy. I was busy with school and work when my husband went, but if you have any hobbies or whatever, it's always a good way to keep busy.

Good luck!!

A Hey there, I can tell you you're not alone on the boot camp no man was there 2 years ago and seeing as I am in New Zealand I didn't get anything until he was 3 weeks into it...couldn't even ring me...none of the phones they were allowed to use could call New it was letters only and long waits in between...BUT it's only 8 weeks and they go pretty quickly...hang in there the first'll get your letter soon.

A Hi there! My DH just went through boot camp last year. He was only allowed to write letters on Sundays. I didn't get any mail for a few weeks either, so don't worry about it. Definitely get writing and write to him every day! My hubby kept thanking me after I picked him up for all the letters that I wrote to him. (I wrote every day, sometimes more than once!) He said the letters really gave him something to look forward to.

I also missed my phone call during week six (I think mine came in week six). I was so upset!

Just keep yourself busy, go out with your friends... enjoy your last few weeks as a bachelorette! You'll be moving away soon, so get that quality time in with friends and family while you can.

A I didn't get very many letters either and maybe 2 phone calls, but I wrote my baby EVERY SINGLE day!

Wish someone had said don't draw attention to I wrote him a long letter on toilet paper and he had to unroll it as he read it. I sent huge cards with sparkle hearts that fell out of it, but he didn't get picked on too bad !! I still do that to him when he's getting underway.

Have fun with him but only if he can take the picking.

? This is my hubbys fourth week of basic training (the week of the major exams) I really need to know when I will receive a phone call telling me where we'll be stationed. The reason why I ask is because I work and want to know when I should carry my cell phone. Can anyone tell me the day of the week and the time of the day when you received your phone call.

A Hi! Last year I was in the same boat as you! I remember that first call, my husband only had a few minutes and it was on a Wednesday morning. I think it will vary when he gets to call you but my husband called in his 5th week. I would suggest just keeping your cell phone with you at all times! I know how anxious you are to hear his voice and find out where your home will be the next few years.

Good luck! Hope you get somewhere great!

A I just asked my husband if he remembered boot camp (he graduated in 2001). He said they were allowed to call after they finished their mid terms which was in week 5. I remember he called during the early evening on a weekday. However, at that point they had only submitted their dream sheets and wouldn't find out exactly where they were being stationed until around week 7.

A lot of things depend on their company commanders. For example, in my husband's class you could only make a 5 minute phone call if you got a 100% on your midterm. They have to wait in line at the pay phones so it's impossible to give you any kind of time frame. And let me tell you, the five minutes is TIMED by the second and flies by so incredibly fast!

So I hope you do hear from your husband next week but don't expect him to know orders just yet. As the weeks pass, he should be able to call you a little more. Especially during the last and second to last weeks. They get more liberty then and can go off base and call and talk for however long they want!

Good luck to you and your dh!

A I got my call the 5th week and then again the last week. It depends on if their company is doing good or not, if they get to call again. I also got my call on a Wednesday but it was in the afternoon. The times will and it's probably best to carry your phone with you all the time.

A I was able to call in the 5th week for 5 minutes. Then on in the 6th week, on base liberty but there were limited pay phones compared to people wanting to use them.

Then there was off base liberty on the Saturday of the 7th week, if you passed the final.

When I was there I could only write mail on sundays but was able to receive it everyday. It helped the time fly by.

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